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Streamline your adult day care operations with myEZcare, the ultimate adult day care software. Our cloud-based care management solution is tailored specifically for adult day care providers, offering a comprehensive suite of features to effectively manage schedules, track attendance, and plan activities seamlessly. From coordinating transportation to facilitating family communications, myEZcare consolidates all essential functions into one user-friendly interface. With support plans, medical care management, and memory care models integrated, myEZcare empowers you to enhance participant care while streamlining administrative tasks. Discover the convenience and effectiveness of myEZcare, revolutionizing adult day care management for the modern era.

Best Adult Day Care Application for Agencies U.S. & Canada

Transform Participant Care with Streamlined Care Plan Management

Take participant care to new heights with myEZcare’s comprehensive care plan management solution. Tailor care plans to individual needs, leveraging intuitive customization features. Seamlessly integrate with electronic health records, importing critical data. Access a library of pre-existing templates for efficient modification and creation of standard care plans. Empower your staff to track progress, update goals, and enhance care delivery through a user-friendly interface. Optimize care coordination, promote continuity, and elevate participant outcomes with myEZcare.

Effortlessly Manage Attendance

 Streamlining attendance management is made simple with myEZcare. Our intuitive software allows you to effortlessly track participant attendance, ensuring accurate and efficient record-keeping. Easily view and update attendance records, generate reports, and gain valuable insights into participant engagement. With myEZcare, optimize your attendance management process, save time, and enhance participant care.

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Why Choose myEZcare

Tailored for Adult Day Care Providers

Streamline operations and enhance participant care with our comprehensive suite of features.

Cut documentation time by 40%

Our electronic documentation software eliminates manual paperwork and streamlines documentation processes.

Improve accuracy

Eliminate billing errors and manual data entry for more accurate financial management.

Instantly access comprehensive software

Designed for busy caretakers, our software provides easy and instant access to essential features.

Deliver top-quality care efficiently

Optimize operations, save costs, and allocate resources effectively to deliver exceptional care

Streamline operations and save costs

Automate administrative tasks, reduce paperwork, and optimize resource utilization.

Ensure compliance and peace of mind

Meet regulatory requirements and securely store data with our electronic documentation solution.

User-friendly interface

Intuitive and easy to navigate interface for efficient use by caretakers.

Seamless integration and accessibility

Integrate with billing software and access the platform from anywhere, anytime.

Dedicated support and training

Our team provides excellent customer support and training to ensure a smooth experience.

Effortlessly Track Activities & Elevate Engagement

Streamline your activity management process and enhance participant engagement with myEZcare’s activity tracking feature. Create a variety of activities, schedule them in the activity calendar, and easily assign participants to attend. Generate comprehensive reports to track activity participation levels, both overall and by individual participant. Create progress notes for both group and individual activities, supporting periodic activity assessments. Elevate participant experiences and enhance your activity programming with myEZcare.


Automate Billing and Claim Management to Ease Worries about Denied Claims

Say goodbye to the frustrations of denied claims with our automated billing and electronic claim status tracker system. Keep your agency on top of payments and ensure timely reimbursements. With myEZcare’s automated billing and claim status tracker system, enjoy hassle-free and accurate billing processes, simplified remittances and claim regeneration, cloud-based accessibility, real-time updates, detailed billing reports, and improved financial performance.

Best Adult Day Care Application for Agencies in the U.S. & Canada

As the adult day care industry undergoes significant changes with the transition to digital systems, it’s crucial for agencies to adopt a reliable and efficient application. Our application, which is HIPAA compliant, is the ideal choice for adult day care agencies in the U.S. and Canada. It enables agencies to develop healthcare standards based on best practices while ensuring data security and confidentiality.

Ensure Compliance With Our Electronic Documentation Feature

myEZcare’s Electronic Documentation Software ensures compliance by securely collecting and storing all necessary documentation. It offers paperless client intake, accurate assessments, simplified documentation, improved staff-client communication, and a customized iPad app. With e-signature collection and the ability to email/fax forms, myEZcare streamlines documentation processes, minimizing manual handling and ensuring efficiency in care services.


Myezcare offers robust analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing centers to gain valuable insights into participant data, attendance trends, program effectiveness, and more. The platform provides visualizations and metrics that aid in data-driven decision making, enabling centers to continuously improve their services and optimize care plans.

Forms Library

Myezcare provides a comprehensive forms library, offering a wide range of customizable templates for various purposes such as assessments, care plans, consent forms, and incident reports. This eliminates the need for manual form creation, saving time and ensuring consistency in documentation.

HIPAA-Compliant Internal Messaging for Coordinated Care | myEZcare

Transportation Scheduling and Fleet Management Made Easier

Organizing and tracking patient schedules, fleet management, route assignments, service dates, assessments, and funding sources is now easier than ever with myEZcare. Our sophisticated solution is designed specifically for senior service companies to efficiently manage adult day transportation services. With myEZcare, you can enjoy flexible information options for clients, dates, routes, and vehicles, as well as the ability to arrange transportation on-the-fly, even on the same day.



myEZcare’s software streamlines operations by offering features such as one-click sign-in/out, billing automation, transport scheduling, and customizable calendars. These tools optimize efficiency and enhance the participant experience, allowing you to focus on delivering high-quality care.

myEZcare’s software offers a range of key features, including scheduling and attendance tracking, support plans, family communication tools, electronic documentation management, virtual programs for remote engagement, and secure data storage. These features provide a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of participant care.


myEZcare’s software promotes quality care by providing personalized tools such as individual profiles and engagement features. It allows you to build life stories for participants and enhance their well-being. Additionally, virtual programs enable remote engagement, fostering greater connection and maximizing attendance.


Yes, myEZcare’s software is designed to reduce administrative burdens by streamlining tasks such as client intake documentation, attendance tracking, billing, and transportation management. The automated features and user-friendly interface save time and reduce paperwork, enabling you to focus more on delivering care.

Absolutely. myEZcare’s software includes electronic documentation management that collects and stores documentation securely. By using this compliant system, you can maintain accurate and organized records, ensuring regulatory compliance and mitigating risks.

myEZcare’s software supports client-centered care by providing personalized features such as individual profiles, engagement tools, and virtual programs. These features allow you to tailor care plans and activities to each participant’s specific needs and preferences, enhancing their overall experience.

Yes, myEZcare’s software includes virtual program capabilities, enabling you to engage participants remotely. Virtual programs provide opportunities for participants to join activities, therapy sessions, and other essential services from their homes, expanding access to care and fostering connection.

myEZcare is committed to providing exceptional customer support. Their dedicated team is available to assist users, address inquiries, and provide guidance throughout the software implementation and usage process. They continuously update and improve the platform based on user feedback and industry best practices

myEZcare’s software automates billing and claim management processes, streamlining financial management for adult day care agencies. The system generates accurate invoices, tracks payment status, and reduces denied claims, improving overall financial efficiency.

Yes, myEZcare’s software is HIPAA-compliant, ensuring secure storage and management of sensitive client data. The platform prioritizes data privacy and employs robust security measures to protect confidential information, providing peace of mind for both providers and participants.

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