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Unlike the competition, myEZcare has eliminated outdated technology, setting new standards with a platform specifically tailored to serve home care agencies.myEZcare clients are very receptive to leveraging the finest home care management and financial management technology in today’s growing market. The robust new model is based on the convenience of software as a service combined with the concept of agile development.

myEZcare simplifies and optimizes in-home operations management. Our solution cuts operational expenses by 60% and streamlines the process, allowing you to focus on your business objectives. Trust us to give you a competitive edge and boost your growth trajectory.


We offer the following features:

HIPAA- Compliant Adult Day Care Solutions

Streamline your adult day care operations with myEZcare, the ultimate adult day care software. Our cloud-based care management solution is tailored specifically for adult day care providers, offering a comprehensive suite of features to effectively manage schedules, track attendance, and plan activities seamlessly. From coordinating transportation to facilitating family communications, myEZcare consolidates all essential functions into one user-friendly interface. With support plans, medical care management, and memory care models integrated, myEZcare empowers you to enhance participant care while streamlining administrative tasks. Discover the convenience and effectiveness of myEZcare, revolutionizing adult day care management for the modern era.

Why is Remote Monitoring or Teleconsultation Is Important

Remote monitoring of the patient involves continuous assessment of the patient’s clinical status, either through direct video monitoring of the patient or through review of exams and images collected remotely. Reportedly, telehealth could save the United States health care system more than $4 billion, annually.

Overall Future Benefit:

Cloud-based Residential Assisted Living Application

myEZcare’s Assisted Living software is the best comprehensive and affordable Senior Assisted Living application available for agencies in the United States and Canada. Our platform is highly customizable and can be tailored according to our customer needs. 

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) System for Home Healthcare

At myEZcare, we bring you the latest breakthrough in the American healthcare industry: the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system. Our advanced EVV application aims to make healthcare easier, more manageable, accessible, and efficient for homecare agencies in the USA.

We offer the following features:

We are a progressive Homecare

Home healthcare solutions can be up to 40 per cent less costly as compared to hospitals as they utilise available capacity in patient homes, said the home-grown consulting firm.


Sevaarpan healthcare applications provide health opportunities for health promoters and hospitals to simultaneously automate workflows and improve processes. Learning to use this software is easy, but it assumes that you are familiar with the terms, concepts, and methodologies presented in Sevaarpan’s software platforms.

myEZcare is one of the top solutions provider in US & Canada

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Top Senior Care Management Software Provider in USA

Our Healthcare Solution Features

Health Management

Digital Document Management

Patient Management

Billing Invoicing And Claims

Transportation & Management

Scheduling & Electronic Visit Verification

Client Success Stories

Samaira Amora Health

This application is great and provides good analysis reports and easy to operate. myEZcare platform allows users to manage patient intake, clinical monitoring, billing etc. It feels awesome to work with this software, which very reduces the effort and time spending

Emma Amora Health

We are very happy to work with the dedicated team of professionals and have to complete the peace of mind working with myEZcare knowing they got our back. After the implementation of myEZcare of our operating efficiency has gone up by 60% which is a big deal for a small agency like ours

Isabella Angel Wings Senior Care

I must say as an administrator I was skeptical and nervous on the implementation of myEZcare platform with 400+ employees. Thanks to the amazing dedicated team of myEZcare professionals to make it look so simple and disruption of service to our clients. I would highly recommend them to agency of any size

Daniel Mora Your Total Homecare Health

No one can better understand the struggle of starting up the homecare agency like mine. myEZcare stood by at every stage and never experienced a team so committed to their client's success. Thank you !!

Rose L. Administrator

We are saving time and money on paper reports and on accurate reporting of where the employees are and the exact time they are working. Myezcare is great with support and always returning our calls or setting up training sessions for the support staff and field workers The EVV scheduling-clock in clock out we can keep up with the employee hours, contact, and documentation. We are also able to keep good records of the clients

Manreet K. Chief if Customer Relationships

Very good experience with the team. They are patient & go to the root of the problem to solve it. Prompt in responding to any query. It is easy to adapt & is user-friendly. Staff could learn all the features very quickly & started to use it in no time.

BRENDA L. Administrator/owner

We've just arrived on board with them but so far the service has been amazing! Of course, as can be expected a few bumps in the road but they are very quick to respond when contacted. I tested several different software companies and options and found that Myezcare offered the most and was considerably easier to use than most. I love how easy it is to utilize the software; after using another scheduling software for almost 3 years I was very worried that the transition would be difficult but I was pleasantly surprised. Fairly simple integration. The dashboard is an amazing feature with this software. Almost any report needed can be assessed. Definitely minimizes paper.

Dana G. Owner

Excellent. [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] and his team are always available and quick to respond to any problems. The software is not complicated. The team is wonderful when it comes to revising, implementing new features, and making this a product that will benefit many healthcare specialties.

Colleen B. Owner

The ease of use is amazing, it is not difficult to learn. Great customer service. I don't have any cons at this time as we are very pleased.

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As a leading provider of innovative health care software, myEZcare is committed to helping health care facilities operate more smoothly and efficiently. myEZcare offers an integrated solution for patient management, billing, and clinical point of care for home health, hospice, and private duty providers. Request a demo to speak with a myEZcare team member and learn how we can assist you to improve care plan compliance.Contact us and get all your solutions regarding Respite Care, Private Duty Nursing, Residential Assisted Living, Adult Day Care and Home HealthCare services.

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